NM Clubs are encouraged to promote and support art activities in clubs, schools, and communities. The goal is to create programs & projects that include music, literature, dance, drama, theater, & any other arts related areas that are traditional, as well as innovative  throughout their communities. Contact your GFWC NM Chairman under "Contacts" to ask for more information.


Club Members promote preserving or protecting our natural resources, environmental education, recycling, clean up roadways, waterways, parks, trials, & state or national parks, protect botanical & community gardens, plant & care for trees and  anything that increases awareness of our natural resources. Contact your GFWC NM Chairman under "Contacts" to ask for more information.


Education projects improve the quality of life and create a better world for children and families throughout the community.  Club members donate scholarships, books for libraries, school supplies, backpacks for homeless kids with various items, and these projects can also be combined with other organizations. Contact your GFWC NM Chairman under "Contacts" to ask for more information.

Home Life

This program is designed to increase awareness and prevention of health issues, research & treatment of disease, address hunger issues, inadequate housing & homelessness, theft prevention, service dog programs, people with disabilities, and promote healthy lifestyles, and child care projects. Work with "The Heart Truth", "Inside Knowledge", "Canine Companions for Independence", and "Easterseals"  Contact your GFWC NM Chairman under "Contacts" to ask for more information.

International Outreach

International Outreach reaches out globally to make a lasting difference in the lives of children, their families, and communities. Through donations, fundraising activities, cultural awareness, and partner agencies we help make a difference for basic needs. Advocating health, education, raising cultural awareness for food, water, and clothing. Through UNICEF program we raise awareness of Human Traifficking. Support Operation Smile, Shot at Life, and the Heifer International program. To learn more about these programs go to  or contact the GWC NM Chairman under "Contacts".

Public Issues

Civic & social responsibilities are the key components to connect members & communities with effective projects & activities for Public Issues. Advocate legislation for several public issues. There are five main categories in this program.     1) Citizenship -  Educate members & communities on rights & responsibilities of citizenship; preserve/ visit historic sites, mounments, & homes.  2) Military - Support military families; advocate for severely wounded, ill, or injured soldiers, veterans, & their families. 3) Emergency & Disaster Preparedness - Educate on disaster readiness, recovery, & relief; increase public awareness with law enforcement & 1st responders. 4) Safety & Crime Prevention - Educated on  home, transportation, & internet safety; crime prevention; and encourage "Neighborhood Watch". Support ESO and Sew  Much Comfort. Contact GFWC NM Chairman for more information.

GFWC Signature Program: Domestic Violence Awareness & Prevention

GFWC Increases awareness & prevention through club members across the nation for domestic abuse. Clubs support and fundraise for organizations that assist victims of abuse; protect the safety, security, and dignity of older citizens; develop & influence federal & state legislation that positively affets the lives of domestic violence victims & their families.  GFWC promotes the "GFWC Success for Survivors Scholarship" which provides a positive & constructive solution to victims of abuse. See for more information. or contact your GFWC NM Chairman under "Contacts".

Juniors' Special Program: Advocates for Children

GFWC Juniors encourages all clubs to make a difference in our world by becoming advocates for children. Clubs can advocate by working to ensure children are protected from harmful situations; encourage healthy, physical, emotional lifestyles; & impact policy to improve children's lives. Projects are numerous: members should educate themselves on current issues facing children, child abuse, health issues, poverty, cyberbullying, teen dating violence, child obesity, texting while driving, depression, & suicide. Work with March of Dimes, and St. Jude Children's Hospital. See for more information. or contact your GFWC NM Chairman under "Contacts".

Communications and Public Relations

Everything your Club does has a public relations component. GFWC provides a guide full of ideas, resources, tools, & tips necessary for achieving successful public relations & professional communication to promote GFWC clubs, districts, States, Regions, & the International organization. Publicizing your club's projects & initiatives lets your community know what you do and opens the door to worthwhile partnerships. By branding,  adding GFWC to your club name, newsletters, website, social media, celebrating Federation Day, special events, press releases, photography, cable, television, & radio announcements are public relations. See for more information. or contact your GFWC NM Chairman under "Contacts".

Fundraising and Devlopment

Fundraising generates non-dues revenue for your clubs, districts, States, Regions, and GFWC. As community leaders you are building the foundation on which most fundraising & development takes place. Establishing a fundraising plan will help sustain the financial security & integrity of your clubs. GFWC has an array of ways for fundraising and planning your event. See for more information. or contact your GFWC NM Chairman under "Contacts".


Leadership involves taking risks, being innovative, & providing new direction. Most of us can learn to be good leaders by developing a clear & compelling vision for what we want by establishing clear goals, providing encouragement & appreciation. We find leaders from our membership, current & former club officers, and new members. See for guidance. or contact your GFWC NM Chairman under "Contacts".

Legislation/ Public Policy

As stated in the GFWC Advancement Guide, more than 100 years of GFWC advocacy has resulted as child labor laws, women's suffrage, pure food & drug statues, rights for people with disabilities, & domestic violence programs. As members we can affect change in our communities, state or nation. See for more information. or contact your GFWC NM Chairman under "Contacts".


Women's History and Resource Center

Community Improvement Program Award

Jennie Award

Newsletter Contest

Photography Contest

Website Contest

Writing Contest



L.E,A.D.S. stands for Leadership, Education, and Development Seminar which identifies GFWC members at the local level who have the  potential and desire to assume leadership positions in the State Federation and/or GFWC on the national level. LEADS can help leaders to gain the capabilities, confidence, & commitment necessary to pursue & achieve higher offices & serve with distinction. They learn tips/ techniques for leaders, conflict resolution, mediation, public speaking, time management, and parliamentary procedures. 

See for more information. or contact your GFWC NM Chairman under "Contacts".

GFWC NM Harriett Donohoo/ Dorothy Pendleton Scholarship

GFWC NM Special Project: Caring About Others by Passing it Forward and Nature at It's Best.