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GFWC NM promotes education, natural resources, encourage health, work with elderly & people with disabilities, advocate for women, children, & families. GFWC NM also gives individuals an opportunity to develop leadership skills, exchange ideas, & build lifelong friendships through volunteer service. This is a picture of GFWC ladies feeding the hungry in St. Louis, MO for  "Rise Against Hunger Service Project".



The strength of this organization is its members and clubs. By working together toward a common goal, our members improve the quality of life throughout the state by being generous, receiving or making donations, fundraising, & helping others or even just one person, by caring about others, even if it's just simply doing an act of kindness large or small - we are making a difference to that person or organization. What kind of difference are you making in the world? Come join us at GFWC New Mexico. https://gfwcnm.com



GFWC NM belongs to an international women's organization that has been in existence since 1890. Under the motto "Unity in Diversity", GFWC has built an outstanding record of accomplishments through their members. From 1905 to 1911 the General Federation appointed a committee to organize a Federation in the New Mexico Territory, which Mrs. George Frenger was Founder of NMFWC. As she was unanimously elected the first President, she decided she could better serve as Secretary. Mrs. S.P. Johnson of Roswell was officially the first President of NMFWC (now known as GFWC New Mexcio).  Since 1890, over 80,000 members in afflicated clubs, District of Columbia, and over a dozen other countries has been felt by many communities in the United States and the globe.

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